Barbie is not the Prom Queen!

Earlier this year I embarked on a personal project (still ongoing) called Art Becomes You.

In the series, I am exploring the relationship creative women have to their art and practices, questioning whether there is a point at which they become their art or perhaps their art becomes them. How much is the art within them and how much of them is within the art?

These images are part of a series using talented local artist Kelly Sullivan. Using her artwork ‘Ticky Tacky Boxes’ as a backdrop… Kelly slips into alter-ego Barbie…. who unfortunately does not become Prom Queen….

I recently entered 3 of this series into the Australian Professional Photography Awards as a wild card…. I knew it would either do really well or really poorly and unfortunately, it was the latter. Doesn’t matter though- I still love what we created!

What do you think?


Barbie-Kelly Sullivan-Suze McLeod-03

Barbie-Kelly Sullivan-Suze McLeod-04Barbie-Kelly Sullivan-Suze McLeod-05Barbie-Kelly Sullivan-Suze McLeod-06Barbie-Kelly Sullivan-Suze McLeod-07