Behind the Scenes at a Byron Bay Wedding…

This gorgeous Byron Bay wedding will be on the blog soon, but in the mean time I have to tell you this story…

It was windy… very windy… veils are stunning in the wind however need to be securely pinned in!

We had a slight wardrobe malfunction when the said veil left the bride, flew through the air and over the railing at the Byron Bay Lighthouse! (For those of you reading who are not local- the most easterly point of Australia)

The crowd watched as it swirled and spun through the air only to land in a Banksia tree down the steep cliff face.

What to do??

Then a lovely guy (contact me if you’d like the pics) offered to climb down to try and retrieve it….

‘No- it’s too dangerous’ his partner cried….

but it was not…

he scrambled down, climbed the tree and returned triumphant, to the cheering crowd,  with veil in hand!